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Trading July 28, 2007

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Hi I am whitney and I am looking to trade people on webkinz. Now that the clubhouse has been closed for a while i cant trade many people I have the:

Propeller plane

Lion throne

Egyptian Banquet chair

Medieval Flooring

Medieval Wallpaper

Hockey flooring

Hockey wallpaper

Gaming room flooring

Gaming room Wallpaper

Hockey chair

silver sofa

Medieval trophy pedestal

scientific trophy pedestal

rice paper room divider

rockin robot digital clock

and much more

Leave me a comment if you would like to trade me


16 Responses to “Trading”

  1. Groovydudes Says:

    What do you want for the plane?

  2. Groovydudes Says:

    um actually, what else do you have?

  3. whitterb Says:

    What do you have? Any Gaming stuff?

  4. whitterb Says:

    i have a hot air balloon

  5. bikini team Says:

    what do you want for the miedevil wall and flooring

  6. bikini team Says:


  7. whitterb Says:

    ummmmm do you have any gaming stuff?

  8. WhitterB Says:

    I just got A chocolate lab!

  9. bikini team Says:

    i have a chocolate lab in real life

    anyone know whaere to find the choco. lab in Delaware?

  10. whitterb Says:

    What is your site bikiniteam?

  11. ilvdolls Says:

    Hi do you have the hot air baloon? If you do, can we trade?

  12. whitterb Says:

    yeah id love to trade

  13. missy Says:

    what do you want for the d clock

  14. softballchamp123 Says:

    i will give you the loader chair OR the blue lava lamp for the hot air balloon

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